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Learning Playing Styles is Extremely Important, as you learn your playing style, you learn the proper tactics and Strategy against Each Specific Opponent style.

Nobody has a 100% pure playing style Most use a combination of the following styles but one of the styles can affect your game more than the others. However, you can divide players into Six Styles:

A Player who uses Topspin in most of his game, with Topspin I refer to extreme Topspin Follow on the ball By Brushing it with the Paddle whether he uses his forearm or back arm to perform it, very aggressive, Attack for them is best way to defend…

For Loopers:
Loop as early as possible in the game.
Keep loops deep.
Loop to wide corners and opponent’s middle.
Vary speed, spin and placement of loops.
Against Loopers:
Keep serves and pushes short.
Attack First.
Hit shots quick off the bounce.
Move opponent in and out.

A Player Who Hit the Ball with Full Solid Contact This Player Tends to Hit the Ball Fast regardless of ball high or low working out the opponent by moving him all around the table and try to end points quickly. They have excellent ball placement too.

For Hitters:
Find balance between reckless and Cautious.
Try to get a smash into a groove.
Stay close to the table and hit shots quick off the bounce.
End Points Quickly.
Against Hitters:
Don’t be intimidated by smashes.
Play high percentage shots.
Attack first.
Vary shots
Attack weaker side.

Counter Drivers
A Player Who stands in the Middle of the Table and just stroke back whatever you hit at them, very Consistent, they have Good ball Placement and they read your weakness very well concentrating on it.

For Counter-drivers:
Be consistent.
Counter mostly to opponent weaker side.
Build up a countering rhythm.
Force Countering early in the game.
Against Counter-drivers:
Be Patient and pick shots.
Attack middle and weaker sides.
Don’t try to beat Counter-drivers at their own game.
Use topspin and backspin to break down rhythm.

A player Similar to Counter-Driver except they Contact the Ball right after it hits the Table Putting Pressure on you by Rushing you meaning they can even place the ball on your strong side knowing you won’t have time to go for a strong shot.

For Blockers:
Hit Shots quick off the bounce.
Block to the weaker side.
Always be ready to smash.
Vary pace and placement.
Against Blockers:
Attack all parts of the table.
Be patient and pick shots (not too aggressive).
Use slow, spinny loops.
Keep ball deep.

A player with the word “defense” on his mind, he wins mostly on your mistakes , they go away from the table and chop return your ball with various kinds of spin trying to confuse you making it difficult to attack effectively .

For Choppers:
Be patient and confident.
Vary degree of backspin.
Always be ready to attack especially on serve.
End points quickly when attacking.
Take every shot seriously even pushing.
Against Choppers:
Attack Middle.
Move in and out.
Be Patient.
Vary all shots.
Don’t overdo Drop Shots.


A Player who Will Counter Spin you and give you all kind of spins to confuse you, as an example if you played a right spin service he will return it to you with left hand spin, they go even sometimes with the ball high in the air with all kinds of spin, and they will return smashes quite effectively away from the table.

For Lobbers:
Keep deep and spinny.
Lob to spot diagonally opposite to stronger lobbing side.
Look for balls to counterattack.
Avoid lobbing except when forced.
Against Lobbers:
Smash mostly to backhand side unless you are ready to end the point in one shot.
Consider smashing at the middle.
Use good form no matter how easy the shot looks.
Rarely use Drop Shot.